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16.09.2022 Unflattening ConfuserEx .NET Code in IDA

12.12.2021 Zero-Day Exploit Targeting Popular Java Library Log4j

09.03.2021 Exchange Vulnerability 2021

27.10.2020 Cyber Security for the Healthcare Sector During Covid19

17.09.2020 Security of the Swiss Domain Landscape (ccTLD ch)

22.04.2020 Phishing Attackers Targeting Webmasters

20.02.2020 Analysis of an Unusual HawkEye Sample

25.09.2019 Trickbot - An analysis of data collected from the botnet

09.05.2019 Severe Ransomware Attacks Against Swiss SMEs

08.11.2018 Reversing Retefe

29.08.2017 Leaked Accounts

03.08.2017 The Retefe Saga

28.06.2017 Notes About The NotPetya Ransomware

15.05.2017 WannaCry? It is not worth it!

04.04.2017 When Gozi Lost its Head

03.03.2017 Taking a Look at Nymaim

20.02.2017 The Rise of Dridex and the Role of ESPs

30.01.2017 Sage 2.0 comes with IP Generation Algorithm (IPGA)

22.12.2016 Tofsee Spambot features .ch DGA - Reversal and Countermesaures

15.12.2016 When Mirai meets Ranbyus

13.07.2016 SMS spam run targeting Android Users in Switzerland

08.07.2016 Dridex targeting Swiss Internet Users

23.05.2016 Technical Report about the RUAG espionage case

08.04.2016 Malvertising Incident

18.03.2016 Leaked Mail Accounts

11.03.2016 Armada Collective is back, extorting Financial Institutions in Switzerland

05.02.2016 Gozi ISFB - When A Bug Really Is A Feature

21.01.2016 TorrentLocker Ransomware targeting Swiss Internet Users

23.11.2015 Ads on popular Search Engine are leading to Phishing Sites

08.11.2015 Update on Armada Collective extort Swiss Hosting Providers

22.09.2015 Armada Collective blackmails Swiss Hosting Providers

22.09.2015 Swiss Advertising network compromised and distributing a Trojan

11.09.2015 Analysing a new eBanking Trojan called Fobber

13.08.2015 Cantonal IP space in Switzerland hijacked by Spammers

30.06.2015 Joining the DNSSEC Day in Germany

08.06.2015 Outdate WordPress: Thousands of websites in Switzerland are vulnerable

08.05.2015 Increase in DDoS extortion (DD4BC)

01.05.2015 e-Banking Trojan Retefe still spreading in Switzerland

30.04.2015 Critical vulnerability in Magento: Many Swiss websites are still vulnerable

15.10.2014 Microsoft patches three zero-day vulnerabilities - what does that mean to you?

02.06.2014 Detecting And Mitigating GameOver ZeuS (GOZ)

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